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Divisions of Endotherapeutics

Endotherapeutics Logo

Endotherapeutics Group

Endotherapeutics is a leading 100% owned Australian healthcare technologies company that operates across both Australia and New Zealand.

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Endo Personal Care

Endo Personal Care provides consumers with direct access to quality medical and beauty products with the aim to help improve health and wellbeing.

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Aesthetics Division

The Endotherapeutics Aesthetics Division services the beauty industry, consumer and wellbeing with a range of technologically advanced devices, cosmetics and nutricosmetics.

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Endoventure Logo

Endotherapeutics NZ (Endoventure)

Endoventure was founded in 2007. In 2016 Endoventure became a member of the Endotherapeutics Group, operating in New Zealand in partnership with NZ health professionals.

Our Reputation

At Endotherapeutics, our reputations as a leading medical technologies company is important to us.

About Endotherapeutics

Leading Healthcare Technologies

We have a reputation for providing leading technologies. We believe that technology improves healthcare and we actively seek to partner with leading healthcare suppliers and providers.


About Endotherapeutics


From the way we interact with stakeholders at a grass roots level, to senior executives, we believe in ensuring all interactions are conducted in partnership, and with integrity and transparency.


About Endotherapeutics


We understand that optimal clinical outcomes are only achieved by the optimal use of our technologies. We pride ourselves on our reputation for thoroughly educating and supporting our partners.

Our Values

We believe that our reputation comes from our values, and the way we conduct our business.



In this rapidly changing world, we believe that we need to be dynamic. We are energetic, progressive and we will adapt to meet the demands of our customers and business partners.


Customer Focused

We believe our customers’ needs come first. We are solutions focused and we will go out of our way to ensure we are providing the best possible service.



Reputation is important to us. We believe in working ethically and transparently as trusted advisors with all of our stakeholders.



We are proud of the difference we make to people’s lives, and the healthcare technologies that make this possible.




We believe that as a team we can make a bigger impact. We pride ourselves on working cooperatively across all of our partnerships.



At Endotherapeutics we are accountable to all of the stakeholders we work with, and take responsibility for our commitment to achieve our mission of improving healthcare.

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