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Endotherapeutics is proud to be a Bronze sponsor at USANZ ASM 2019, taking place at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from 13-16 April.

We are excited to showcase our innovative range of urology solutions.

New! Innovative Ureteroscopy Solutions
This year at USANZ, we are thrilled to be launching Innovex. Innovex is the only single-use flexible ureteroscope in the market that features 275º deflection in both directions to access lower pole stones, 160K high resolution, and an 8.7 Fr outer diameter which fits through a 10 Fr access sheath.

Urinary Continence Solutions
Visit our booth during the breaks to see a live Urgent PC demonstration. Urgent PC is a minimally invasive PTNS treatment for OAB, that can be easily administered in your rooms by your nurse. PTNS for the treatment of idiopathic OAB is now funded by the MBS.

PTNS for the long-term treatment of overactive bladder –
Three-year results of the STEP Study

Urgent PC PTNS TreatmentStudy Design & Patient Selection

  • 50 responders from the randomized, double-blind SUmiT Trial followed 3 years
  • Assigned a fixed-schedule 14-week tapering protocol, followed by a personal treatment plan


  • 29 continued treatment for up to 3 years. Average of 1.1 treatments per month
  • Bayesian model estimated ~77% maintained moderate or marked improvement
  • All improvements from baseline were significant (p<0.0001)
  • Median voids/day from 12.0 (IQR 10.3 – 13.7) to 8.7 (7.3 – 11.3)
  • Median voids/night from 2.7 (IQR 1.7 – 3.3) to 1.7 (IQR 1.0 – 2.7)
  • Median urge incontinence episodes/day from 3.3 (IQR 0.7 – 6.0) to 0.3 (IQR 0.0 – 1.0)
  • QoL parameters remained markedly improved

Reference: Peters, K., et al. (2013). J Urol, 189(6), 2194-2201.

Urodynamics Solutions
To complement your practice, at our booth you will also see our LABORIE range of urodynamics systems including Goby compact wireless urodynamics system, Aquarius advanced pelvic floor diagnostics, and the portable Urocap IV uroflowmetry system.

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