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Endotherapeutics will be exhibiting at the Plastic Surgery Congress, taking place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from 31 May – 1 June.

Considering this year’s wound closure component, we invite you to visit our booth to see a demonstration of INSORB – the absorbable, subdermal skin closure device. INSORB combines the benefits and cosmetic results of sutures with the efficiency of a conventional stapler.

The INSORB Advantage

  • INSORB Forceps for Plastic SurgerySpeed: Approximately 7-fold faster than suturing.¹
  • Cosmesis: Placed completely within the dermis, achieving excellent cosmetic results with longer lasting eversion.
  • Reduced complications: Lower risk of wound complications.*
  • Specialised forceps: The INSORB triple forceps are specifically designed for plastic surgery to provide an optimal closure technique.
  • Fully rebated for private patients.

INSORB in Action

Please see below a video demonstrating the time-efficient, deep dermal wound closure of an Abdominoplasty conducted by Dr Mark Baldwin using INSORB.

INSORB in Abdominoplasty - Dr Mark Baldwin

As you can see, INSORB can replace your deep dermal sutures in plastic surgery and save significant theatre time, while providing excellent cosmesis. Closure of an Abdominoplasty with INSORB involves:

  • Disrupted supporting sutures – Note: Dr Baldwin does not place many supporting sutures, the amount of supporting sutures is up to your discretion.
  • Closure and wound edge approximation achieved with INSORB.
  • Final subcuticular running stitch on top.

For optimal approximation, Dr Baldwin uses the INSORB triple forceps. The forceps allow for an even lift of wound edges and easy closure.

Possible Indications

Mastectomy, mammaplasty, FLAP reconstruction, thigh lift, brachioplasty, and other plastic or reconstruction procedures.

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