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ADEXUS Dx is a next generation whole blood hCG test. ADEXUS Dx is indicated as an aid for health care professionals in the diagnosis of early pregnancy.

ADEXUS Dx can detect hCG in a single drop of whole blood, serum, or plasma sooner than urine-based hCG tests*, without additional reagents or materials. ADEXUS Dx is a rapid chromatographic immunoassay that delivers results in only 10 minutes.

The ADEXUS Dx advantage


  • >99% sensitivity and specificity¹
  • Reduced exposure to liability from false negatives²


  • Results in 10 minutes, no waiting on urine samples
  • Increased patient throughput


  • No reagents or buffers
  • Decreased potential for user error
  • Uses capillary blood, plasma or serum

Where to use ADEXUS Dx

  • Surgeries/ Procedures: Any procedure that could be harmful to a developing foetus.
  • Emergency Rooms: When patients are unconscious, dehydrated, or unable to urinate
    on their own.
  • Radiology: Some radiology treatments can inadvertedly harm or abort the foetus.


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* Based on our cutoff, pregnancy can be detected at 10 mIU/mL. Depending on the woman and the pregnancy, this can be days earlier than urine-based hCG tests.
1. Capillary Blood Sensitivity >99% compared to clinically confirmed pregnancy diagnosis Capillary Blood Specificity >99% compared to clinically confirmed non-pregnant women.
2. In a March 2015 report in Clinical Chemistry, Robert N. Nerenz and Ann M. Gronowski detailed their evaluation of 11 common POC hCG urine-based devices and determined that 9 of the 11 were susceptible to false-negative results.

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