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The First Purpose-Made Dressing for Urethral Catheterisation in Men

CathCup is a simple, unique solution designed to provide nurses and patients with ease-of-use and comfort in male catheterisation.

The absorbent eXsorbPad forms a funnel when attached to the catheter, helping to prevent cross-contamination and unpleasant care situations by catching and absorbing the leakage of urine, blood, secretion and/or blood around the catheter.

The CathCup advantage

  • Helps prevents cross-contamination with bacteria, viruses and germs.
  • Helps reduce the risk of infection, improving patient hygiene.
  • Saves nursing time, providing quicker and easier catheter care.
  • Saves cost and time, reducing the regular replacement of soiled linen and bed liners.

CathCup features

  • CathCup is a highly absorbent pad, which holds up to 50 ml and converts the liquid into gel, avoiding spillage.
  • CathCup has adhesive surfaces to be optimally positioned and fixed on the catheter, so the catheter doesn’t move.
  • CathCup has 2 non-adhesive surfaces on the ends for quick and easy removal.

CathCup step by step

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