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Dornier Medilas® H Solvo® 35 Laser

The industry’s gold standard Ho:YAG laser technology, in 35 watts, with Dornier’s uniquely engineered Advanced mode. The Solvo® 35 is a Holmium:YAG (Ho:YAG) laser that is designed for lithotripsy, as well as surgical cutting, coagulation and the removal of soft tissue.

The Medilas® H Solvo® 35 Advantage

  • Advanced mode – demonstrates the ability to reduce stone movement (retropulsion) and helps to shorten treatment time for the patient¹
  • Effortless mobility and setup – Lightweight, compact,and equipped with a large storage compartment; easy to set up
  • Low-noise emission – Designed for a conducive working environment
  • Near-zero start-up time – Select your preferred application mode and get started
  • Wireless footswitch option – Provides hands-free control while minimising the risk of cable-related hazards within the operating room


Six Application Modes to Meet Your Treatment Needs

  • Developed to provide a variety of treatment options for laser lithotripsy and soft tissue applications
  • Preset application modes make selecting the right treatment parameters easy with the simple touch of a button
    • Standard mode – Suitable for urinary stones and selected soft tissue treatments with a wide range of energy and frequency parameters
    • Dusting mode – Low pulse energy and high frequency for stone disintegration into the tiniest fragments possible
    • Single Pulse mode – Controlled pulse transmission ensures highly precise targeting of smaller stones located in challenging areas
    • Fragmenting mode – High pulse energy and low pulse frequency for breaking larger or hard stones in the kidney or ureter
    • Soft Tissue mode – Specifically developed for soft tissue applications such as ablation and coagulation

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1. Alghamdi, A., Kretschmer, A., Stief, C. G., & Strittmatter, F. (2020). Influence of the laser pulse shape in the treatment of stones in the upper urinary tract. Investigative and Clinical Urology, 61(6), 594.

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