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FiXcision Fistula Treatment

Precise Excision of Anal Fistulas

FiXcision enables the circumferential removal of tissue in the fistula tract to treat simple anal fistulas. The excision of the fistula epithelium is possible for fistulas with a length up to 5 cm.

The treatment is performed in 3 simple steps:

  1. Probing the fistula tract.
  2. Compressing the affected tissue using the guide.
  3. Removing the complete circumference of the fistula tract, cutting alongside the guide.

FiXcision comes in a complete, sterile set:

  • Probe: Locates the fistula tract and enables the subsequent insertion of the guide.
  • Guide: Compresses the tissue around the fistula tract and controls the circular blade.
  • Base plate: Provides resistance to ensure the complete transection of the fistula tissue at the end of the fistula canal.
  • Circular blade: Enables precise and consistent circumferential cutting of the fistula.

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