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Innovex Flex-Tip Negative Pressure Ureteral Access Sheath (NP-UAS)

Enhancing Safety and Efficiency in Urological Procedures

The New Flex-Tip Negative Pressure Ureteral Access Sheath (NP-UAS) is an innovative device designed to improve safety and efficiency during urological procedures.
The NP-UAS features a unique negative pressure suction system that actively removes debris and fluids from the urinary tract.

NP-UAS Advantage

  1. Enhanced Safety: Reduces intrarenal pressure during ureteroscopy in the kidney to minimise the risk of sepsis and injury. Reduces the need for multiple reinsertions of the ureteroscope which can lower the risk of ureteral trauma.
  2. Increased Efficiency: Improves visualisation in the ureter and kidney during laser lithotripsy. Enhances stone debris and fragment retrieval which reduces overall procedure times.
  3. Improved ease of use: Kink-resistant hydrophilic coated sheath is reinforced with a stainless steel coil, designed to provide stability and strength through tortuous ureters and reduces friction and irritation to the ureter.
  4. The New Innovex Flex-Tip Negative Pressure Access Sheath allows for the access sheath to reach the target calyx and stone with the flexible ureteroscope in situ.
  5. Flexible application: Our unique design allows suction control when needed, giving the clinician maximum choice in the clinical application all from one sheath.

The New Flex-Tip Negative Pressure Ureteral Access Sheath (NP-UAS) can reduce intrarenal pressure, improve vision, remove stone fragments and save operating time. With its unique negative pressure system, reinforced tip, and patient-friendly design, the NP-UAS is poised to become the preferred choice for urologists.


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