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LiftUp® Thermoreversible Injection Agent

Thermoreversible Injection Agent for Endoscopic Resection

LiftUp serves as an injection agent for endoscopic resection techniques such as ESD, EMR and POEM. It gels thermoreversibly at body temperature and forms a stable and long-lasting cushion in the submucosa. It optimally supplements the resection techniques EMR+ and ESD+.

The Durable Solution

LiftUp creates a submucosal gel cushion at body temperature due to its thermoreversible properties. It is a new injection solution for safe and easy¹ endoscopic resection, such as polypectomy, EMR and ESD. The pronounced safety cushion lasts even after mucosa incision.² Tissue layers and structures are well separated and exposed, thereby facilitating the resection procedure. The long-lasting lifting makes re-injection less necessary and saves time.³ Each vial contains 20 ml of LiftUp® pre-mixed with methylene blue and is ready-to-use.

LiftUp Features

  • Gels thermo-reversibly in tissue at body temperature
  • Creates a permanent cushion in the submucosa even after mucosa incision
  • Separates and exposes layers and structures
  • Saves time due to fewer re-injections
  • Enables easy, fast and safe resection

Application of LiftUp into the Submucosa

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