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Ovesco BougieCap Bougienage

Endoscopic Attachment Cap

The BougieCap is an endoscopic attachment cap, which is introduced into the upper gastrointestinal tract under endoscopic observation to dilate/expand strictures.

​A clearer approach for dilation

  • Direct Visual Control: During the bougienage procedure, perforation and bleeding can be avoided using clear optical feedback from the BougieCap. This visual control helps to prevent overstretching as visible tissue tension can be observed while passing through the stenosis with the cap.
  • Designed for Precision: Dilation can be delivered gently and precisely in millimetre increments using the tapered, two-stage design of the cap. The three holes at the cap’s distal end allow air insufflation, suction and the insertion of a guide wire.
  • Procedure time is reduced due to less instrument change: The evaluation can be done directly after the bougienage thanks to the attached transparent cap.
  • Simple and Fast: Procedure time is reduced due to fewer instrument changes, as dilation can be evaluated directly after bougienage using the transparent cap in its place.
  • 99% Less Waste: contributed by low-tech design compared to conventional dilation methods.¹
  • Range of cap sizes available: Sizes Ø 7-16 mm available to fit different endoscopes.

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1. Yzet, C., Figueiredo, M., Michoud, C., Lafeuille, P., Rivory, J. and Pioche, M. (2022). Ecological impact of endoscopic dilatation using the bougie cap device: a low-tech innovation to reduce waste by 99 %. Endoscopy, [online] 54(S 02), pp.E824–E825. doi:

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