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Ovesco OTSG Xcavator™

The OTSG Xcavator™ is an endoscopic attachment cap with grasping function for flexible endoscopy. The OTSG Xcavator™ can be used for grasping large volumes of tissue or foreign bodies. The OTSG Xcavator™ allows for the use of additional endoscopic instruments through the working channel of the endoscope.

Features of the OTSG Xcavator™

  • Extraordinary grasping capacity
  • Optimised for removal of large, brittle and hard to grasp tissue or foreign bodies
  • Blunt scoops for minimizing the risk to harm healthy tissue
  • Easy and gentle introduction due to conical shape
  • Working channel of endoscope remains unoccupied

Ovesco OTSG Xcavator

The external actuation line along the endoscope keeps the working channel unoccupied.

The working channel of the endoscope can be used as desired with additional instruments, for example:

  • Guide wire
  • Through the scope instrument, e.g. Coag Dissector, FTRD Grasper
  • Suction flushing pump


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