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SomaTherapy-ED Erectile Dysfunction System

Vacuum Erection Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

SomaTherapy-ED Vacuum Erection Therapy mimics the body’s natural processes to help men overcome erectile dysfunction (ED) to return to a healthy, satisfying sex life.

Vacuum therapy is a non-invasive option to improve penile health and offers fewer adverse health risks compared with other erectile dysfunction treatments. It uses natural means to achieve natural, sustainable erections—without drugs, chemicals, or invasive procedures.

The vacuum therapy systems, or penis pumps, are the best treatment option for men who:

  • Tried oral medications with little to no success
  • Cannot combine their prescription treatment, like hypertension medication, with oral ED treatments
  • Underwent surgery for prostate or colon cancer
  • Experience complications related to diabetes
  • Sustained a spinal cord injury
  • Are looking for penis pump exercises for penile rehabilitation
  • Want to be intimate with and satisfy their partner

Response II VED System


The SomaTherapy-ED Response II is a blend of manual operation and unique design. This ultra-sleek system provides effortless operation; you can even operate it with just one finger.

The Response II comes with: Carrying case, SomaTherapy-ED lubricant, tensions systems, tension system loading cone, cylinder sizing inserts, and a training manual.




  • Designed for one-finger operation manually operated pump
  • “Ultra ease” mechanism ensures the same gentle pressure as battery operation
  • Selection of tension ring lubricant


Touch II VED System


SomaTherapy-ED is designed to produce an erection at the touch of a finger by combining vacuum technology with the natural function of the body.*

SomaTherapy-ED can be used in conjunction with erectile dysfunction medication or can be used as a supplementary therapy. *Please consult your doctor for further information about the range of available treatment options, and to discuss whether SomaTherapy ED is the right treatment for you.




  • Super-quiet battery operation
  • Activation of the pump at the press of a button
  • Ergonomic design for men with limited dexterity or arthritic finger joints
  • Selection of tension rings
  • Lubricant




The revolutionary SOMAerectStf erectile dysfunction system is designed and developed exclusively by Augusta Medical Systems. It offers 3 cylinder sizing options so you can precisely find the anatomically correct sizing option that neatly fits your patient’s fully rigid penis size.

The custom sizing technology was developed to ensure that each patient receives the highest level of comfort when treating their erectile dysfunction.




  •  The custom sizing prevents the loose non-penile tissue from around the base of the penis (supra-pubic fat or scrotal skin) from being drawn into the mouth of the cylinder during the creation of an erection.
  • The use of the customisable system guarantees a much more comfortable erection experience every time.
  • This system comes with a manually operated negative pressure device that provides effortless operation, you can even operate it with just one finger.

How to Use a Penis Pump



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