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Biodesign Otologic Repair Graft

Biological Tissue Reinforcement for Otology

The Biodesign Otologic Repair Graft is an implantable biomaterial that aids in the natural healing process in otologic procedures. It is indicated for use in myringoplasty and tympanoplasty procedures.

Biologic technology

Biodesign grafts encompass the biological properties of porcine small intestinal submucosa (SIS). SIS provides a natural scaffold that allows the body to restore itself through the complex natural process of tissue remodelling. Tissue remodelling involves the recruitment of cells, the renewal of tissue composition, and the reinforcement of structural tissue architecture.2 As the body heals, SIS is gradually remodelled and integrated into the body, leaving behind organised tissue that provides long-term strength.1,3,4

The Biodesign Otologic Repair Graft Advantage

Reliable Closure

The Biodesign Otologic Repair Graft completely remodels into natural host tissue, resulting in closure rates ranging from 83%–100% across published literature.1,5,6

Excellent Handling

Biodesign material is easy to manipulate, allowing for improved surgical precision during graft placement.5

Time Saving

The Biodesign Otologic Repair Graft reduces the need to harvest autologous tissue, significantly decreasing intraoperative time.6

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