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Mediplast Suction Consumables

The Mediplast ENT products are the leading single-use choice.

Always Sterile and Ready for Use

Developed in close collaboration with ENT surgeons throughout the world, Mediplast Suction Consumables are made from medical-grade stainless steel and suit a range of various ENT applications. With the same level of quality as reusable products, the Mediplast ENT range comes with the advantage of always being high quality, sterile, and ready for use, cutting extra costs of cleaning and sterilisation.

Otology Consumables

  • Aural Specula
  • Medibender
  • Metal Suction Tips
  • Myringotomy Kits
  • Myringotomy Scalpels
  • Otology Suction Sets
  • Single Pneumatic Head
  • Suction Handles (Regulators)
  • Trans/Intratympanic Injection Needles
  • VacuTIP™

Rhinology Consumables

  • Metal Suction Tips:
    • Ferg – Transparent
      • Variant with side holes available
    • Fraz – Transparent
    • Fukushima – Transparent
    • Rhino
    • Rhino – Transparent
      • Variant with side holes available
    • Zoellner – Transparent

Laryngology Consumables

  • Larynx Needle
  • Metal Suction Tips:
    • Bronch – Transparent
    • Tons – Transparent

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