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Cathejell Sterile Catheter Lubricant Gel

Designed by Urologists for Optimal Lubrication

Cathejell is an individually, sterile-packed lubricant gel perfectly suited for the operating theatre and the doctor’s office. Designed by Urologists to optimise patient outcomes and prevent urethral trauma upon catheterisation due to urinary incontinence, retention and various other indications.

The accordion syringe permits an easy, single-handed application and allows for a controlled, smooth and gentle introduction of the lubricant gel, thoroughly lubricating the urethral wall. Cathejell’s unique features also allow for optimised sterile technique and aspiration of gel and urine.

The Cathejell Advantage

  • Accordion design allows for slow, controlled introduction of lubricant to urethra, preventing spillage into the bladder and complete urethral lubrication
  • Single-hand-use design for aseptic technique and easier handling
  • High viscosity gel prevents leakage and ensures durable urethral lubrication
  • Steam sterilisation resulting in higher contents of active ingredients
  • Paraben and latex free

Available Cathejell Versions

Cathejell Lidocaine
Sterile Anaesthetising Catheter Lubrication Gel

Cathejell Lidocaine Catheter Lubricant Gel

Cathejell Lidocaine is an anaesthetising catheter lubrication gel, composed of the active ingredient Lidocaine (20mg) and local anaesthetic. The composition of Cathejell Lidocaine is designed for a gentle and pain-free instillation into the urethra before catheterisation.

The Cathejell Lidocaine Gel Advantage

  • Cathejell Lidocaine contains a medically effective ingredient Lidocaine hydrochloride
  • Onset of action after approximately 5 minutes following the instillation of the gel
  • Accordion syringe application for easy, gentle and sterile administration
  • The patient is relaxed and iatrogenic injuries due to spasticity or unquiet are minimised
  • Especially suitable for catheterisation, probing, endoscopy and cystoscopy

Cathejell Mono
Sterile Water-soluble Clear Lubricant Gel

Cathejell Mono Catheter Lubricant Gel

Cathejell Mono is a sterile, water-soluble, clear catheter lubricant gel. Cathejell Mono is suitable for instillation into the urethra prior to the insertion of a catheter or other medical instrument.

The Cathejell Mono Lubricant Gel Advantage

  • Cathejell Mono is a sterile, crystal clear and water-soluble gel
  • Effective lubrication that optimises patient outcomes and prevents urethral trauma
  • Accordion syringe application for low initial pressure, allowing for gentle instillation and easy dosage with one hand
  • Accordion design enables aspiration of gel and urine
  • Especially suitable for catheterisation, probing, endoscopy, cystoscopy and tracheal intubation under anaesthesia

Free Samples Available

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