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CompactCath Classic Pre-Lubricated Discreet Catheter

Discreet, Convenient and Hygienic.

✓ Non-touch Insertion
✓ Coated with Medical-grade Silicone Oil
✓ Ready-to-use and No Dripping Liquid

CompactCath is a revolutionary pre-lubricated, non-touch intermittent urinary catheter for users looking for a compact, discreet, and easy to use solution that fits seamlessly in their lives.

CompactCath is the only intermittent catheter with a drainage control mechanism, allowing your patients’ to control the drainage timing and flow.


The CompactCath Advantage

CompactCath is designed for your patients’ everyday needs. CompactCath offers easy, discreet, and 100% ready-to-use catheterization at your patients’ fingertips – providing maximum privacy, hygiene, and ease of use.

Drainage Control    Fire-Polished Eyelets  Non-Touch Insertion Pre-Lubricated with Silicone Oil
Only CompactCath offers a unique flow control technology, allowing your patient to Push, Aim, then Drain – giving them complete control of when and where to void. The super-smooth eyelets offer pain-free catheterisation, minimising the risk of developing micro-abrasions which can lead to the buildup of scar tissue in the long term. CompactCath is a 100% non-touch system. The advancer sheath and plastic case protect the catheter from being touched, increasing sterility and reducing the risk of potential contamination and developing UTIs. CompactCath is pre-lubricated with antimicrobial silicone oil, offering a lubricious non-sticky, non-drip coating. Less friction means less pain and discomfort during catheterisation.


CompactCath Features

  • Hygienic, non-touch insertion
  • Compact, true pocket-size
  • Pre-lubricated with antimicrobial silicone oil
  • Fire-polished eyelets
  • Drainage control
  • Unisex
  • 100% DEHP, BPA, and Latex Free
  • Straight tip available in sizes 12FR, and 14FR
  • Coudé tip available in 14FR
  • External diameter: 0.4cm length: 40cm


CompactCath Coudé

CompactCath Coudé features the world’s first Case Up, Tip-Up design. As long as the catheter case is held in the vertical, upright position, the tip will always be pointing in the right direction.

  • Simplifying insertion
  • Reducing discomfort
  • Reducing risk for improper placement

CompactCath Classic How To Use

Pull Press Push
Pull the case back using your dominant hand to extend the catheter by about 2.5cm – 5cm Press down on the handle using your index finger. This acts as a brake and gives you more control during insertion. Release your grip of the sheath slightly and push the case forward to insert more of the catheter.


Female Users

Male Users

Product Sizing

Description Guage (Fr)
Compactcath Pre-Lubricated Discreet Catheter – Straight unisex 12
Compactcath Pre-Lubricated Discreet Catheter – Straight unisex 14
Compactcath Pre-Lubricated Discreet Catheter – Coude unisex 14

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