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i-Stitch Suture Fixation

Quick, Secure Fixation for Sacrospinous Colpopexy

The innovative i-Stitch from A.M.I. offers a quick, effective way of attaching sutures to tissue, particularly in areas that are difficult to reach such as the medial posterior aspect of the sacrospinous ligament. The instrument is designed for easy operation with just one hand.


  • Medial suspension of sutures or mesh to the sacrospinous ligament for level 1 support during pelvic floor reconstruction
  • Attachment of mesh to the tendinous arch of pelvic fascia or other muscle structures for level 2 or 3 support
  • Vaginal sacrospinous fixation (according to Amreich-Richter)

Once the reusable instrument has been equipped with a disposable loading unit – comprising a thumb-slider, dispenser, hollow needle and specially-formed suture material – it is ready for suture fixation in just a few steps.

The i-Stitch advantage

  • Secure attachment of sutures
  • Blunt, non-cutting suture end for pushing through tissue
  • Reduced risk of bleeding from the suture puncture site
  • Quick fixation of suspension sutures, even in hard-to-reach places
  • Ideal in combination with implants for pelvic floor reconstruction
  • Available in absorbable and non-absorbable sutures

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