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Innovex Single-Use Flexible Cystoscope

INNOVEX Single-Use Flexible Endoscope Solution provides superior clarity, covering the endoscopy needs of several departments, while eliminating the cost and risk associated with reprocessing and cross-contamination.

The new INNOVEX single-use flexible Cystoscope was designed and optimised to provide the same high performance, look and feel you expect from a reusable scope in a ground-breaking single-use platform.

We have a comprehensive range of sterile devices for each patient, raising the standard of patient care by reducing infection risk due to ineffective reprocessing and cross-contamination.

Innovex Single Use Cystoscope Advantage

  • Superior image: CMOS 800 x 800 pixels= 640,000 pixels resolution
  • Bright illumination: 4 LEDs
  • Advanced image algorithm
  • Field of view: 110°±10%
  • Depth of view: 5-100mm

More Cystoscope Features

  • Metal snake bone structure – better manoeuvrability and pushability
  • Working length 380mm
  • Distal end outer diameter 5.5mm / 16.5 Fr
  • Insertion section diameter 5.2mm / 15.6 Fr
  • Large kink resistant working channel inner diameter 2.4mm / 7.2 Fr
  • Deflection: up 210°, down 180°
  • Deflection lock – Can stop at any deflection
  • Quick access to photo and video button

Single Use Cystoscope Benefits

  • Light weight cystoscope with deflection lock to reduce fatigue
  • Always available when there is a high risk of damaging a reusable cystoscope
  • Always available whenever demand for reusable cystoscopes is exceeded
  • Clear, sharp images for all cystoscopic procedures
  • Large working channel for better irrigation and easy instrument insertion
  • Always clean and sterile reducing potential contamination risk from reprocessing
  • Integrates into existing theatre equipment

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Digital Video Processor II ESO-H-01

One DVP for all Solutions

Innovex Digital Video Processor II-ESO-H-01

Digital Processing Unit Product Features

  • Small footprint works with existing endoscopy towers
  • High-capacity processor: advanced image algorithm to improve image quality
  • USB connection for external big capacity storage device
  • Internal battery for time clock
  • USB connection for external keyboard to simplify input operation
  • Signal output: 2 DVI + 1 SDI + 1 VGA
  • Accurate time counting
  • Memorise last time settings before new settings

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