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Sialendoscopy Solutions

Minimally invasive treatment of obstructive salivary gland disease

Sialendoscopy, or salivary endoscopy, is a way to directly visualise stones and strictures by entering a gland with a micro endoscope. The procedure allows insertion of stone extractors and other interventional tools. Using a minimally invasive technique, sialendoscopy helps to increase salivary flow and preserve otherwise healthy glands that can be damaged by more invasive, open-surgical techniques.1

The Cook Medical Sialendoscopy Advantage2,3,4

  • Reduced recovery time
  • No incision or subsequent scarring
  • Minimised potential for nerve damage
  • Preservation of the salivary gland
  • Early return to a normal diet

Diagnostic Sialendoscopy

Interventional Sialendoscopy

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