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Archimedes Biodegradable Biliary and Pancreatic Stent

The Future in Bioresorbable Products

The Archimedes Stent is a Biodegradable Biliary and Pancreatic Stent intended to be used to drain obstructed biliary or pancreatic ducts.¹ The patented helical design of the stent allows for bile to flow on the outer extremity of the device while supporting the opening of the lumen.

The Archimedes Advantage

  • Three degradation profiles (fast, medium and slow) address all biliary and pancreatic drainage indications
  • Potential to reduces cost, morbidity and complication rates by eliminating subsequent stent removal procedure
  • Proximal and distal flaps help minimize migration
  • Anatomical shape for enhanced positioning Tapered tip facilitates smooth cannulation Helical bile channels allow for anatomical bile flow

Degradation Table and Indications

Archimedes Degredation Table

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1. Hepatic, Cystic, Common Bile, and Pancreatic resulting from malignancy of the liver, pancreas, duodenum, biliary tree or from various benign disease.

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